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Help Diagnosing IS-F Electrical Gremlins

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Hi all. I was pointed here by a colleague who also owns a lexus.

I have a 2008 IS-F and been having a great time with the car until electrical problems started last week. Shortly after starting the car, power to several of the displays/center stack blinks out and then comes back on. One time it felt like power steering were affected. Yesterday the window controls were reset when this happened - windows are no longer auto up or down, and are only able to be controlled via the door switch on the particular door that the window resides.

The car is heading to the dealer to be inspected on friday, but any thoughts on what the problems may be would help my peace of mind.
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There is NO WAY to even get close to diagnosing an issue like this as in the old days. The electronics are so heavily involved now its simply up to the dealer and their computers. Sorry
Could be anything from a short to a software issue. I've heard about this happening one other time a while back with an F and when they brought it in, I believe they reset the ECU and all was good. Good luck and let us know what happens :cool:
Welcome to the site! sorry to hear about your problems. I agree with Abyars and BigMike. Most likely it is a computer problem that just needs to be reset. The question really is if that fixes it, what cause it in the first place. Hopefully it is not anything serious.

good luck
It also could be as simple as a battery replacement. Do you drive your car often or does it sit?
Thanks for your replies and thoughts. I will keep you posted as find out things.

I hope it will be as simple as resetting the ecu or replacing the battery. I'm not looking forward to potentially finding out something more complicated and prolonged.

@Flipside909 - The car is my daily driver. The most it sits is 2-3 days.
It also could be as simple as a battery replacement. Do you drive your car often or does it sit?
Good point. Could be that the battery is going bad. That would be a simple fix.
Sounds like the body/interior control module is having problems. Either the power is cutting to it or there is a problem with the actual module. On the F's when you remove power from the car the windows reset like that. Run every window up and down a few times all the way with the switch on that window that will reset the memory.
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