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Reaction time doesn't factor into 1/4 times. The clock starts when the car breaks the plan, your 60ft times is your enemy. With a 2-2.4 your not getting a good launch with the car, you need to be in the 1.8 to 2.0 time and you'll see your times lower.

If you continue to go, practice your launch to find the sweet spot (the point of max accel without wheel hop or spin), even if it takes you a second to get off the line, it doesn't matter unless your bracket racing or something similar.

Your Borla may have freed ponies up high but lost torque low, its typically a trade off and just moves the cars power-band around. This may not be helping you either as Lexus designed the trans to always be in the sweet spot of the factory tune.

Also, atmosphere plays a part in engine power, what was the air density the night you ran, could be that all cars were struggling. GL.
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