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oyy0 sorry to hear this..
This is why I don't do work for people that haggle or cry about prices. You either have the money to spend or you don't. I believe you get what you pay for, every time. When you pay me to work on your car or motor, you get full attention to detail and top of the line work every time. NO EXCUSES FROM ME. Its either perfect or not. This works for me, My shops is full of cool projects, from GTRS, Supras, NSX to everything in between.

I dont believe in BS internet advertising and websites. I believe this is the way newbie shops get newbie customers to come in. Anyone can have a great website built, BUT WHAT ABOUT YOUR CAR? Everyone nowadays knows about building cars. Few of these people EVER built, ported or cut and tig welded something. But they call themselfs experts..LMAO. Just cause you can write good does not make you a REAL car guy. You have to build and break many motors to hold this tittle. If you ask anyone here in Miami who does great work Im one of the few that does.

I do charge top of the line for my work but when was the last time you went to Mayors and asked for a Rolex and got it for a Casio price? Never worked for me! Same applies to labor rates. I wish you would be closer to here maybe we could of worked something out..:D
^^^^This guy will charge you 100 bucks to put air in the tire...

If you are from Miami area and looking to get work done you should check out DST motorsports, Talk to Sean.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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