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Hello New here!

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Hello all,

I am new to this forum and am extremely interested in getting an IS-F i have been following the performance threads here and very happy to see the gains that have been made.

I do not currently own an ISF, yet!, but i have been looking at them like crazy lately, locally and on ebay. Lookin at an 08-09 model with med to low miles, blue. Absolutely beautiful!

Anyway, I have a project going on and have been following the Elite Auto's LEXUS IS-F Extrude Honed Intake manifold they did.

Can anyone tell me where I can find the part number or dealer to buy just the ISF Intake manifold. This manifold is going on a project car, of course using adapter plates. But the manifold is perfect design as far as runner length, plenum size and overall height.

I'm glad to be apart of this forum and look forward to any insight you all may be able to help me with as far as finding an ISF intake manifold. Also, i plan on being on this forum 24/7 once I get approved financially to get my first Lexus I can't wait!

THank you all
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