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How's it goin! Well, I was working with two dealers at the same time just to see how much they are discounting. They started out at MSRP, then the one near my office only took off $1500 max. I then worked with another dealer (the one I bought my wife's 400h), both the sales manager and my previous salesperson seemed really eager to work with me especially a returning customer. I haggled back n forth remotely (email, phone & even text). I gave them my final offer & they agreed. MSRP $61.565, got it for $55,825. They still made money but I just felt it was a fair deal plus I took advantage of the new special financing rate (3.9% 60 months). In the end, I'm a happy customer! Coming from a previous M3 owner, it isn't an "M" but then again, I have another car setup strictly for the track.
Welcome and congrats! Wow, that's one hell of a deal. Especially on a blue one. What color interior did you get? Was this one in stock or a special order? I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my special order blue/alpine sometime in November. :D
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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