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Hello from Utah!

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Hey guys just picked up a brand new 09 usb with nav and ml, msrp was 61,800 got it for 50K. Love the color and car just wish it was a stick shift. I have had an nsx, a couple of supras that are manuals. They are just more fun than flippers. Bought this car cause it was a great deal, do you think it will hold half of its value in 5 years? Maybe $25k
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Welcome to the site and congrats on the F :cool:
Congrats on the F! Welcome to the site, looks like you got a great deal.
Welcome! Sounds like you got an awesome deal on an 09 ISF!
Awesome to see another member in utah with and F. I was starting to feel lonely.
Welcome! Only time will tell if it holds half of its value in 5 yrs.
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