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Hello from Tustin, CA!!!

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Hey peoples,

Just joined the ranks on 3/27/10 with the purchase of a certified used 2008, black, with 20k miles. The car was already tinted, so it reminded of the batmobile hence the screenname... I had to miss UFC 111 cuz I was negotiating for the car, but it was totally worth it... Anyway, havent even scratched the surface of the car, still playing and having fun, still trying to adjust the seat settings cuz wow does it hug you... Heres a pic for you all...


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Car looks great, congrats on the purchase and welcome to the site! Feel free to ask any questions you might have
Welcome to the F family! You'll keep loving it for a long time. Are you planning on any mods? There are a few out there with more being developed.
Hmmm... prolly make the tint darker... get black emblems... Do they make a carbon fiber hood? Exhaust and intake, thats pretty much it, I'm spoiled on the HP, I transitioned from a Mazda3 hatch so I guess I'm not really itching for anymore power... I think the stock rims just look so sick, so I'll probably roll on them for a long time...
I'm with you on the mods. I got the JoeZ intake and drop in air filter and Tien lowering springs. I tinted to 35, but that is dark enough for me. I want an exhaust, but am waiting just a little bit longer to pull the trigger. I am absolutely with you on the BBS wheels that are stock. I think they are sick looking. The only thing I really think is better are the Canadian BBS's, I might contact Doug for a set of those when the market picks back up.

Oh yeah, I got the engine cover painted and rear sway bar from Doug G. In case I forgot...Thanks Doug, I know it's been about a year since I got them from you. I really like them.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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