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Hello from Tucson

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I wanted to stop by and introduce myself. My name is Don and I am one of the Co-owners of You might have seen our banner popping up on this board. We are very excited to have our site promoted on this site and in front of you good people. Enough site stuff.
I was raised in Goleta California and moved to Tucson when I was a Junior in High school. Spent 3 years in the Army during the Reagan years and loved it. Been around cars and motorcycles most of my life.

I Learned to drive in a 68 Olds 442 that my friend wishes he still had. I have dragged my 3 wonderful kids to Motorsport events since they where in strollers. For the last ten years I have enjoyed selling automotive products online.

I Hope to see you around the boards. I will keep you posted from time to time about our site in our vendor thread.
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Hi Don

Welcome aboard. Actually I was raised in Boston and moved to Santa Barbara in '73. After my divorce, in '82, I moved to Ellwood, then on to Summerland. Don't know why, but in '95 I moved to Northern Virginia (the DC area). In '99, I came back out west to Tucson. Finally in '07 I retired to Casa Grande. We've probably roamed the same streets, maybe even run into each other:eek:

It does sound like we might have crossed paths a couple of times.
Did you go to school in SB?
I was there for 1st though 10th and went to Dos Pueblos High
LowriderDid you go to school in SB?
I didn't, but my kids did:D

Welcome Don! Thanks for your support.
You are very welcome Flipside
We are glad to be here.
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