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Hello --"From the new kid on the block"

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I am excited to find fellow "F" drivers and be able to find out more about my car. I have had my white IS-F since July 15th and absolutely love the car.

I have also seen only one other "F" in the city of Houston. Mine is a daily driver--I am a loyal IS fan--began with the IS300 --until the IS350 came out and then finally, lucky enough to have my "F." Loved them all, can't wait to know more--Thanks:)
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Welcome to the best IS-F forum on the web! We look forward to hearing your stories and sharing info with you. I think you'll find others in the Houston area shortly that also own "F"'s.
Welcome to the site and congrats on your purchase!! :cool:
Thanks BigMike--looking forward to learning more
Welcome aboard!!! This is a great site and most everyone is eager to help with any questions or needs. If you can't find the answer here it probably hasn't been asked anywhere yet.

Have you done anything to customize your car yet?
Welcome to the fray!
Welcome to the F club! :)
welcome. Congrats on the new ride
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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