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Hello fellow IS F enthusiast

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My name is Mike, I live in the greater Orlando area. I’m very exited about being an IS F owner. I'm also a SCCA member and have been around the local tracks helping friend run his GT1 car. I have gone to driver's school and have a competition license, but I have not been able to finish my 72' 240Z and get on the track as of yet. I'm hopping to meet other IS owners and maybe get together for some track time, in a non competition setting. Looking forward to meeting other owners and sharing ideas about the IS F.
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Welcome Mike. Touch base with Smoke. He's having a huge gathering coming up in the Florida area !! I know it's a little further south of you, but it gives you a reason to take a cruise.... :)
That's right, HUGE is not the word we're expecting at least 150-225 cars for the show. I know we have a few IS-F' S including mine and three or five IS/Supra clubs as well, we also invited other Lexus models including a GS Car Club and some tricked out LS'S.
Welcome toofire. Congrats on your ISF.
Hey Guys thanks for the welcome. I have been unable to get back to the forum till today for some reason. I will look in to going to that club meet in July. Maybe I'll see you there.
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