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Hello Everyone!

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Good Evening/Morning/Afternoon,

I am about 98% of the way there on pulling the trigger on an 2008 IS F with about 50k miles.

I am looking for some insight as this is my first time doing a few things:
-Purchasing a car out of state (IS F is in St. Louis - I am in Florida)
-Purchasing a high end sports car

If anyone would have some helpful tips on what I could look out for when looking over the IS F, that'd be greatly appreciated.

-Does the IS F have common issues that I may be able to find?
-Anything I could request from the dealer to send to me - video, etc..
-Has anyone done what I am attempting to do prior?

Again, I look forward to any and all of your replies!


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Hi Fletch and welcome to the forum! Thanks for joining us. Lots of knowledgeable people here who can help you when you get what you're looking for, and maybe some who can help you find the perfect Lexus for you. Good luck with your search and keep us updated!
Hi Fletch,

I've researched about your question and found a few ideas /tips. Isuggest that you buy vehicle history reports prior to purchasing used ISF. This will help you to know the problems of your prospected ISF. Carfax or Autocheck are good but results aren't always sufficient and expensive. I prefer Vinaudit for cheap carfax history reports. They check title problems, prior damages, odometer, salvage, and other historical events. Never use free reports online as they aren't reliable. Dealers won't tell everything so better do some research yourself and bring a mechanic to test drive.
Carfax is the bast to detect crashes and other issues. Good luck
I just recently purchased an RX450 out of state. Turned out to be a pretty easy process. I say definitely buy a carfax report or any other VIN history report. I was close to buying another car and found out it was a junk. Got close there.

If you do choose to buy, I would be happy to arrange the shipping. I currently have a few dealerships around the country who use my company, Advantage Auto Movers, for their shipping. Feel free to respond.

Let me know what you decide.

Good luck!!
welcome on this forum and i would suggest u to go with Carfax as it is the best one
Hello to all the respected members. This forum is really very good whosoever wants to get information about cars. You just need to be active here.
Hello, I am Victor. This is the first time I have visited here. I welcome all the newbie here.

Wish you a very happy new year :)

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