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Hello Everyone

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I own a Metallic Blue 2008 ISF. I picked it up a little over a year and a half ago.
It's very nice to have a forum to share with others and learn from. This is my first luxury car and I must admit I am an amatuer when it comes to car talk and knowledge.

Because of my hectic work I never really got a chance to throw myself into it. I always get approached by "car guys" who admire the ride and after the last few conversations I have been itching to let this beast loose. So I've made it my mission this summer learn as much as I can, find some modifications and ultimately go down to the race track.

See you guys around, love the car!
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Welcome to the Family!!! I'm in a similar boat as you with just not having the car knowledge but just knowing that the car your driving is one bad ass ride out there!!!! Love this car!
Congrats. You'll only come to love and appreciate the car more after learning about it and seeing what it's capable of!

For modifications start by checking out Joe Z exhaust, intake tube, and the recently released headers (sikky or elite).

Other modifications that I reccomend are F Sport rear sway bar (got mine from Doug G on this forum) and Tein springs. These will absolutely make the ride less jarring and at the same time more capable in the turns.

As far as not being a "car guy" I don't think most of us here really are, or started out that way. As for me, I enjoy my car, and most other cars for what they are, but rely on others, including this forum for information about it. We are all here to learn, even the "car guys" on here learn something new every so often.
Welcome to the forum...the more the merrier. I won't say congrats on your ISF, since it isn't new to you if you've had it for 18 months.
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