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Hello all!

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Hello everyone while I am not an official is-f owner yet I plan to be very sion but I have to ask your very honest opinion. The lack of having a traditional manual transmission for me is kind of the deal breaker for me because I still want the feel of actually shifting the gears but for all of you that have the car so you miss it that much or the car more than makes up for the lack of a six speed? Are there any shops that are working on a swap for the car or ita not really worth it? Thanks for any and all feedback!
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Welcome!! I do not believe you will be successful in a swap but to be honest, the car is certainly not boring to drive so I doubt you will miss shifting that much. It is an outstanding car.
Forgive me for being blunt but you asked. If you must have a manual then go look at an M3. It has one and unfortunately thats all you get. I know, I looked. Now about the IS-F, the car doesnt need one and shouldnt have one. In track form it holds its own without a manual. Its almost more fun to me to hit the paddles on track day than a manual. Its instant and it blips well on downshifts and holds the RPM's. Its had to deny the feel of a manual but this car goes well beyond it. Good luck and I hope you atleast go drive one. And Welcome to the forum!!
I guess you haven't driven an F yet huh? The tranny is bullet proof, up shifting at .1's of a second(I dare you to try and beat that) and even blips the throttle on down shifts. All new super cars are only coming in auto, like Ferrari's and Lambo's.

I can honestly say I don't miss rowing through gears AT ALL. The oh shit feeling of missing a gear, the on no's I held the clutch a bit too long for this take off, and mostly because of this Miami traffic.

Like you said if it's a deal breaker then you should look somewhere else like an M3...but I hope your not too sad when I pass you up on the street in my F :D
Thanks for all the interesting and honest feedback! Yeah I guess having a six speed wasn't that important to me because after you mentioned missing gears and all that I wasn't to thrilled on getting another car where because of my error I either would destroy my synchros or mess the car up any worse! As for the test drive I've only been in a is350 but that was enough to convince me to get an is-f! As for the m3's, I wasn't impressed and for that amount of money to be spent the interior should've been way better than what it is. I'm at that point now where Im making a lot better money now and I want to get away from the kid racer look and have a nice clean family oriented sedan that can still turn heads and haul kids, wife and a trunk of groceries! I have a test drive coming up and after that I'll be looking for that USB color because it just calls out to me! Again thanks for all the feedback!
hi guys i am new to this site!!!that's a nice stuff.. would help me a lot.. Thanks for the post(s).

1. Go test drive an ISF.

2. Wait for July-August, that's when the 2013's usually come out, the 2011's will take a big dump in price.

I would go 2011 or 2012.
For a very long time I was looking for information on this topic. Thanks to all!
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