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Hello All

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I just traded my 03 350z and picked up a new 08 Mercury Metallic ISF. The car has all the bells and whistles, headlamp washers to ML stereo. The car is awesome and I plan on installing a clear bra and tint next week. I've been trolling the boards for a few weeks and I've learned so much information (tips and hacks) from you guys and gals. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you All.
Another note, I apologize for not posting the pics. Who has time for pictures when you have an ISF in the garage? Chuckle. I'll post some pics soon...


Rachael aka Brat
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Welcome to the club Rachael! Glad to have you along.
Welcome and congrats on your F!

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS-F
Welcome to the site and congrats on your F! Great color choice :cool:
I'm pretty new as well! Welcome to the Forums :)
welcome, great choice. Good to see girls stepping up the the F :D
'specially a girl in clear bra!
JK, welcome to the gang. What do you think of the F versus your Z?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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