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Hello all I'm new here from Atlanta, GA

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Hello all I'm new here.

I thinking about a newer ride and am impressed w/ the ISF. concidering a 09 model.

couple of quick ?s'es the ISF have the sticking throttle body problem?

2.are there plently of aftermarket go fast parts available?

3.someone please discribe whats it's like to drive an 8 speed transmision car, like the max speed in each gear include RPM.

4.lastly has the ISF engine controll unit been cracked meaning tuning after upgrades?

I though I wanted a Infiniti M45 untill I read a little about this ISF I'm thinking the ISF makes the M45 look like a joke.
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1. Not sure what problem ur talking about. if your thinking of carbon build up. the car is direct and port fuel injection.
2. You have intake, exhaust, headers and hopefully soon, supercharger. there is more but its best you search.
3. its a different beast once u hit the high rpms. think jekyll and hyde. once the secondary intake opens up it sounds like a different beast. i feel very special behind the wheels of this lexus.
4. no it has not been cracked.

check the threads for more info. im sure most of your questions can be answered from searching.
?'es the ISF have the sticking throttle body problem?
edit I was referring to the throttles been stuck wide open mainly on Toyatos and some Luxus.

?4. after the mods you listed doe's the stock engine control unit learn on it's own?

I will be reading about this awesome car hopfully I can aquire one soon however I want to make dam sure this is the furture ride for me.

Thanks for the feedback.
Welcome to the site!!

Q1. No, but as Lexus/Toyota got brow beat like crazy on it they do offer a replacement gas pedal that is a little shorter than stock and a software upgrade that makes it so once the brakes are engaged the gas is overridden. Check out this thread for more info:

Q2. Headers, exhaust, intake, springs, supercharger in work.

Q4. The ECU is a learning computer and will adjust. [email protected] is working on a piggyback to the ECU for tuning and maybe a stand alone, but not sure how all that is going yet. No other news about anyone else working on this.
Welcome! I'm from Atlanta too, I love my ISF! I'd deff recommend one. One If your looking for a fast reliable car...
Firstly, Welcome :)

1. If it came with all weather mats then Lexus will replace. This car has no issues with the throttle sticking.
2. As described above.
3. Unfortunately I do not have RPM specifics but I can tell you in Normal mode its liquid smooth, you will be challenged to even know its going through its gears. MPG is 30 if you want it to be on the highway, I have been there. Sport mode changes everything :)
4. Unfortunately No. If this ever happens it will be a great day in Performance Land.

This is a docile and refined Supercar which is very exclusive. I see 15 M3's to 1 IS-f. Its got room and is a total blast to drive.
Good Luck.
Driving a 8 speed transmission car is shifts very quickly and you are always in your powerband.

Also, with a 6800 RPM redline, 255/35R19 rear tires, and a 2.94:1 final drive axle ratio, the theoretical redline-limited top speed in each gear is as follows:
1st - 4.60:1 - 38 mph
2nd - 2.72:1 - 65 mph
3rd - 1.86:1 - 96 mph
4th - 1.46:1 - 122 mph
5th - 1.23:1 - 145 mph
6th - 1.00:1 - 179 mph
7th - 0.82:1 - 218 mph
8th - 0.69:1 - 259 mph
rev - 2.18:1 - 82 mph
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