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I have water in my headlight and my HID is out! This is second time for the HID light.! Help!
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Warranty it, unless you got aftermarket bulbs in the car. im sure if your cars never been in an accident before, you will get a new headlight assembly from lexus under warranty.
I have the L E D driving lights......that i put in??
The BULB ACCESS Door was probably not closed correctly..

This allowed water/moisture to enter the head light and fry the HID bulb..

Most likely will not be covered under warranty since aftermarket bulbes were installed..

Joe Z
im goin to put back to stock, but they replaced once already didnt say anything....?????????any input?
If I'm reading this right you already got it fixed under warranty once, then put the LED's in again and it happened again? Well, once is enough for me. Now I think it is time that you stop taking advantage of the system and buck up. Not the manufacturer's fault you can't figure out how to put in a light bulb.

Now if this isn't the case, and I misunderstood I would suggest bringing it back for warranty work.
im goin to put back to stock, but they replaced once already didnt say anything....?????????any input?
yeah, if they replaced it already then its gonna look bad, they are not stupid at the dealership, lightning rarely strikes twice in the same spot in this situation. I think you didnt put in the rear cover on properly. I suggest getting a hair blower and dry it up and install that cover properly, like they say, dont take advantage of the system like that unnecessarily....
if they'll fix it let them do it.

just make sure the bulbs are installed properly in the future.
the light works, then it dosnt..........i dono what the deal is im just gonna bring it in
In my case it's moisture on the left headlight, right by the signal light area. Anyone has the same?
Went to lexus today and the headlight was bad they had to order whole new setup....waranty of course!
whole new headlight and bulbs put in......defect was on lexus.........but with the is-f everything that goes wrong is a first time thing, so time is needed to fix problem
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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