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Headers- More interior noise?

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Hello guys,
As headers for the F are being tested to see which leads to the most notable gain, I am wondering if the addition of headers will increase interior resonance when running an aftermarket exhaust? I want to put up my windows and enjoy Lexus sovereignty, and be able to roll down my windows and hear it roar. I plan on running a Joe-Z intake and exhaust with either the Sikky or Elite headers. If resonance has been a concern for some of you running an exhaust etc, did you counteract by using sound dampening materials? Any thoughts?

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No need to man the lexus cabin does a great job in blocking out all those ponies your gonna hear with the windows down. Look around on different threads a couple people on here have been for a ride in my car and they all say that it is very tolerable in the inside. You can hear it but its not loud at all. With the windows down on the other hand and your foot on the throtle you'll def hear it :).
Undercoat the car. This will reduce interior noise.
Bullterrier, by undercoating, do you mean spraying some sort of noise baffler to the sheet metal under the car? What place would you suggest to spray..
Undercoating is a rubberized spray coating for undercarriage. It will reduce
noise to a certain extent.
We use this in Canada to prevent salt errosion on undercarriages.
Hope this Helps
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