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Hawk Ceramics & Cryo Rotors

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PIC'S Hawk Ceramics & Cryo Rotors

Thought I would share....

Just orderd a set of Hawk Ceramics and a set of Centric Cryo rotors (well orderd on 7/7 and just got the email they are shipping out the rotors today) for the front.
I have read good things about the Hawk pads and seams other brands are kind of skeptical compared to the OEM pad. Plus there is very little rotor options for us; they are one of the few companies that also offer the rear rotor that's why I'm going to try out the fronts.

I got a great deal thanks to my rep for the parts so if they suck then I will not feel to bad. I will be installing them myself thanks to the great DIY write up.
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alright. just got them today,

i have to say the rotors look amazing, as well as the pads. i will be taking some pictures and instlling them tomorow at the shop if all goes well. i have a good feeling about this!
car&driver did a brake pad comp last issuse.....check it out
I'm interested in how this goes. Keep us updated. Pics too.
Hawk pads & Centric Rotors Install

Let me first say sorry about the wait, I have been super busy. However I have completed the front brake job along with a brake flush. I have taken pictures and will post them up when I get the chance. Total time working was 2 hours nice and slow while taking pictures. It could definitely be done in 30 minutes without the flush of course, now that I know how to do it! I will be posting the pictures as soon as I can.

A little refresher on the whip, it is 2008 ISF with 37k miles and I drive it five days a week… maybe only 5-7 miles total in a day, but those are the hardest miles that car will see to and from work. Oh yes no wispy foot here, it’s all business on the way to work and home! The only modifications are Eibach springs.

Brembo brake lube copper based
3M copper based anti-seize
Hawk Performance Ceramic Pads
Centric Premium Rotor Cryo-Prep’d

I have to say these hawk ceramic pads are really constructed well. It’s obvious they know what they’re doing when it comes to brake pads. The centric rotors are a perfect swap (we all know Brembo is still king of stopping at 400$+ per rotor) if you are trying to save more than a few bucks these are what you want!

First let’s start with the pads; they are Hawk performance Ceramic Pads. Plenty of pad surface with a nice rubberized coating on the back to minimize shim plate movement. They do have a cooling slot in the middle to aid against brake fade, also there looks to be sensor cutouts, which shows they may be adaptable to other applications. They do not have the wear indicators, so if you are not into checking your brakes at every oil change you will need to start doing so. They are nice and thick painted black.

HAHAHA is all I could do as I looked at these beautiful rotors. They are nice! The people over at Centric have really done themselves a great justice with the workmanship of the ISF’s rotor. It comes with the inner surface (front & back) painted black as well as the outside edges to prevent rust, corrosion and protect the back of the rim. The stock rotors are not coated and they rust badly. The centric rotor compared to the stock one shows advancement in cooling with far greater cooling fins I would approximate at least twice as many. I put a micrometer on the centric rotor and got 30.12mm new; the stock rotor was at 27.20 mm after 37k miles. I will try and resurface the stock ones and see how they turn out…literary.

I did manage to do some driving around town and have about 75 miles on them so far. I have to say the initial bite has been smoothed out. I would like you to keep in mind everyone has a different feel for the brakes, however when I say smoothed out I mean they have a nice grip without feeling like your face is going to be ripped off. Only when hard braking force is applied will my guts be forced forward! The set up is nice and the price is low. I am happy with the results and I will post back when I have a few more miles on the car. I highly recommend this set up.


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Nice write up. I'll keep an eye on this thread for pics. Where did you buy your setup?
I bought the pads and rotors @ tirerack and the brembo paste from acura.
all together it was 400$
Are you planning to change rear rotors soon?

Mind to share the part number of Cryo Rotors?
Hey ive got the same setup including rears and braided lines. Im very happy with the setup. Got the package for under $700 from injected performance. thing is they dont list the F on there website ya gotta call and ask for it.
I just did basically the same setup, Centric rotars (non-cryo) from and Hawk ceramics from and a great shop at the top of my street installed them in about an hour and half. I have to say I agree with N*E*R*D this is an excellent setup and the bite is there if you want it but it is much more mild rolling up to a red light when you don't. The whole package installed cost $540.00. I just hope that when it is time for the rears that Hawk has come to their senses.
Also how hard is it to clean the brake dust off once its been on there for a while?
The ? is: How is the dust on the Hawk Ceramics? :)

I want to know as well.
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