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Hawk Brake Pads - Operating Temperatures

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When I get my F, one of the things I'm going to order is brake pads from Hawk. I'm deciding between the HPS or the Performance Ceramic.

I know the HPS is the Ferro-compound, but to me, Ceramic always seems to have the downside that at low temperatures, the braking becomes very poor, resulting in long braking distances.

Since I live in Canada, our winters are harsh. If I were to get the Performance Ceramic, would my braking be adversely affected using the Performance Ceramic pads?
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Just got my HPSs in and on it took about an hour to put them on in the front and they are very nice. I put the Ceramic on my c6 zo6 and the scream like a pig ha but if ur a everyday driver or even cold weather I like the HPSs
X20A ,
I have sent a note to Hawk brake regarding your question. I hope to have an educated answer for you in the next day!

Great! Thanks Doug!

Ok Dixon, just because I like you and the rest of the guys here I went the extra mile. (Also because I support those who support me ! :D) Here is an educated answer straight from the mouth of Hawk Brake for your question:

Hawk reply
With our Performance Ceramic you will get at least 20-30% more stopping power, low dust, low noise, rotor friendliness, etc. which is similar to the HPS. The Performance Ceramic contains at least 7% silica particles (vs the standard 2%) which emits a light gray colored dust v the darker dust of the HPS. Both have excellent cold stopping capabilities which some companies market their “ceramic” pad for light track use- therefore resulting in poor cold bite. The poor cold bite characteristic would be more similar with our HP Plus compound…

Please remember that these pads are made in Ohio, near Cleveland; the winters here can be harsh also. As an employee, I get the luxury of “testing” these compounds. I have used both HPS and Performance Ceramic- I personally like the pedal feel of the HPS but my wife runs the Performance Ceramic on her car and loves them.

The HPS v Performance Ceramic battle has been around for some time. I have copied my textbook answer for it below:

Both will give excellent stopping, low dust and better braking than OE. Please understand that HPS has been the choice for consumers looking for an aftermarket brake pad with these characteristics. Performance Ceramic will also outperform OE in most categories but with a few differences than HPS. We designed the Performance Ceramic for consumers looking for a ceramic pad that would provide improved braking without giving up the low dust characteristics of a ceramic. We find that it is very popular with the Tuner crowd - Audi, Volks, Honda & BMWs or a "Luxury and Touring Compound"

Braking - Both HPS and Performance Ceramic have excellent braking characteristics, better than OE. HPS may withstand a little higher temperature.

Pedal feel - You can modulate HPS a little better. The big difference is where the braking occurs when using the pedal. Some people like to feel the brake right away, if you are like this you may want Perf Ceramic. If you want to modulate the brake a little bit, HPS may be your choice.

Dust - Both are low dust pads. The edge probably goes to Perf Ceramic since ceramic dust is a lighter color and may give appearance that it is less.

***If you are an average driver that wants improved braking over OE, I would suggest Performance Ceramic. If you are an aggressive driver, I would suggest HPS. Please go to our website to see which compound is available for your vehicle

Thanks to Tom Blough at Hawk Performance

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Wow, thanks Doug for the thorough answer! Guess that settles it for me then, Performance Ceramic it is!

Thanks again!

Thanks for the update! That's pretty enlightening.
hello Doug
great info
I went on your webiste to check it out brake pad part number to order
a set for my ISF but couldnt find it, only appears IS 250 and 350

ISF Starfire Pearl
Hi Sergio,
I am not Hawk Brake Pad the manufacturer, I am just a guy who asked Hawk brake pad to make brake pads for the IS-F so you had an option. You can contact me though if you would like a set of Hawk pads!! :)
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