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Has anyone driven the new RS6?

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Has anyone driven the new Audi RS6? I must admit that I've been dreaming of it lately. V10, twin turbo, 580hp, all in beautiful 4dr sheep's clothing. Man, is that thing a sleeper or what?

I wonder how it compares to the F on a bhp/ton basis? It's torque is something like 480 I believe. :D
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I haven't driven it, but I would love to. Unfortunately they aren't sold in the U.S. The RS6 would be a hell of a ride. It is WAAAAYYYYY too heavy though (4464 pounds for the Avant!!!).

I calculated out the BHP/ton for both the RS6 and the ISF.
ISF BHP Per Ton: 246.03
RS6 BHP Per Ton: 290.44
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