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Hardwire a Valentine 1?

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Anyone hardwired the Valentine 1 radar detector into the IS-F?

I have this in my 335i and it's really nice. I bought an adapter to plug directly into the inside fuse box, then found a spare fuse socket to plug into. Pickeing up my IS-F next week, so trying to prepare.

Anyone done this (or something similar) in the IS-F?

Where's the inside fuse box, and are there spare sockets?
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I just had the Escort 9500ci detector/laser jamming system installed professionally 2 weeks ago in my IS F (see my thread under "Top of the line rad. det." Not sure if the Valentine is any tougher to install, but I got lasered last night and the cop did nothing after aiming at my car! Pretty sure the jamming worked!!! Thank you, Escort. :)
I was able to hardwire the V1, but it took some trial and error. Luckily I didn't break anything in the process.

If anyone is interested, I'll see if I can get some pictures and post them.
I am actually getting my installed inside the rear view mirror next friday having all stock options auto dim, garage opener still functional, so when thats finished by saturday ill post pictures :D :D , hey how much did you get the escort installed for??
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