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How's it going guys? I've been into modified imports since 1991, I've had an MR2 turbo, civic with b16a, civic with b18c, evo ix, evo X, and now I'm about to pull the trigger on trading my brand new 2010 evo x for a 2008 lexus is-f. Any thoughts or suggestions?
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What's up man? Welcome to the site and congrats on your F. Did you purchase it new or used (there are still very few '08's around that are new)? What color combo did you go with? Have you checked the F out in person and run all the checks you could if you purchased it used? You
Well, the ISF is in a different league from the cars you have had before...maybe not necessarily in terms of all out speed if you tuned them heavily, but in terms of overall package. The ISF does so many things well, but compared to the other vehicles you have had, will be expensive to modify, as are all high end cars.

Thanks! I'm supposed to pick it up today, color is black on black. It has about 32K miles on it. What kind of checks should I do on it?

My evo ix was at 340whp, fuel pump, cams, injectors, tbe, and tune. The X was bone stock. Cops in cali are hard on modified imports. Reason for wanting to trade the X in for an IS-F is I decided I'd rather have a car that's fast in stock form rather than trying to modify a car that will get harrassed by the cops.

You're right, aftermarket parts for the evo are a lot cheaper.
^Things like a carfax and other similar reports to make the car checks out. Check the exterior, interior, engine, undercarriage, and other aspects of the car to make sure it's running perfectly and in excellent condition. I'd hate to see someone get an F that was severely damaged or salvaged

carfax looks clean, one owner no salvage. Exterior looks clean, no dings or damage. The only thing I don't like is it has aftermarket wheels. I heard the stock wheels were made especially for the car and light weight.

One other thing is that when I test drove the car the warning light went on in the dash. The salesman at the dealer said he was messing around with the tire pressure sensor setting and that was making the warning light come on from the secondary setting. He set it back to the main tire pressure setting and it didn't come back on. Does that sound right or was he trying to cover something up?
What warning light are you referring to?
warning light

The warning light came up on the little screen in between the two gauges. It showed up with an exclamation mark. The salesman cycled through the options on the screen and switched it from secondary tpms setting to the main setting. After that the warning light didn't come back on. I was just curious as to why it would come on at all, even on the secondary tpms settings.
no car

sorry guys, I didn't get the car last night. Everything looked good on the car, but the only deal breaker was the back seat. I have three kids and the lack of a bench seat in the back meant that my middle daughter would have to sit on the plastic cover in between the two seats with no seat belt. Maybe when my oldest daughter gets her own car and moves on to college will I be able to finally get my dream car. In the meantime, I guess I'll have to keep the evo x.
Sucks man but that's prolly for the best with the young daughter. Let us know if we can help you in any other ways :cool:
sorry to hear you have to pass on the F.

To answer you question about the "!" warning light, yes that does sound right. When I first got my F I was messing around with that setting and set it to secondary. After a about 5-10 seconds (if i recall the time elapsed right) that "!" idiot button came on. It freaked me out, but once I got a chance to set it back to primary it was good to go.

Hope you get a chance to pick an F up eventually. Good Luck

The only way I can get the IS-F is if I can convince my wife to use her lexus es330 as our family car and mine will just be used for myself going to work. She still likes the look of the evo x though. Is there any reasons I can use to convince her that the IS-F is a better overall car?
Maybe you can replace the backseat for the meantime with that of an IS250 or 350, and then put back the original when your oldest daughter gets her own car. Just a thought... Don't even know if it will work.

sounds like a good idea. I will search around and see if anyone has done it

The dealer called and said the IS-F I was interested in got a crack in the windshield so they replaced it. Will having the windshield replaced affect anything? On one of my older cars, when I had the windshield replaced it would always fog up compared to the oem one.
^^^^Not if it's done properly with OEM glass. Remember the F has rain sensing wipers, and the sensor is mounted to the windshield.


I'm looking at another IS-F that is in great condition with the exception that the tires are run down and need to be replaced. The dealer said he would replace them before I bought the car. What I told him is I want to make sure that it has good tires because on evos tires make a big difference in handling and I'm sure it's the same with the IS-F. What tires are acceptable for the IS-F? On evos I used falken azenis RT-615 which were awesome tires but ran out pretty fast. BFG G force lasted a long time but grip was not comparable to the RT-615.
Glad to hear you're back and still considering the F, it truly is a great car :cool:

There are two "stock" options for tires on the F, Bridgestone Potenza and Michelin Pilot Sport 2's (PS2's). Most every F driver requests that their F comes with the PS2's from the dealership as they are a better, sticker tire. Another common option for aftermarket tires (typically on aftermarket wheels) are the Nitto Invo's (which I personally have) and the Nitto NT055.

I would PM DiscountTire or maybe they could chime in and help you with options for the stock wheels. They're very knowledgeable and willing to help you with any questions, feel free to ask them or send them a PM. Hope this helps.

The dealer that I'm going to buy the IS-F from is going to put continental extreme contact dw tires on the car. Are these tires acceptable? size will be stock size.
The dealer that I'm going to buy the IS-F from is going to put continental extreme contact dw tires on the car. Are these tires acceptable? size will be stock size.
Look at this thread.

I got it guys, thanks for all your help! I got USB with the white leather interior. I'm really happy with it. Now if I can just sell my evo x I can start putting some miles on this car.
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