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Had my first track day in the F! But...

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WOW, had a great day out at Mosport up here in Canada. It was a nice sunny in about 200km of track time! 2 tanks of gas! Left some rubber....and it appears that I left a lot of brakes too!

Question...when I was driving home and approaching the off ramp...I was coming down from a good speed...and applied the brakes a bit firmly...and all I could feel was heavy vibrations in the steering wheel. Under slow breaking, everything seems fine...

Will it work it self out after normal use? Have I F'd my rotors? Could I have not cooled them down enough after my 6 session? I assume my pads should still be good?

Any thoughts?
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So does that mean you're coming to mosport tomorrow?
No...I am going to be a good boy for a bit. But I am going at the end of May for sure.
done and done. track? what track? the answer is ALWAYS everyday driving....
done and done. track? what track? the answer is ALWAYS everyday driving....
Track? I don't understand? :confused:

I only drive on highways!
Hey, what's to say the rotors were not damaged from sitting out for one year before being sold. Remember, this was a left over 08?
How many laps were u running in each run? I have about 3 yrs track experience and on stock brakes I would never pull nomore then 5-6 laps on each run. 3 of them would be warm up laps and maybe 2 of them I would push hard then I would come off the track and rest about 20-30 minutes then on the track again. Your brakes must of been fading alot and you didn't let them cool down and you warped your rotors...sorry that you did but now you know what to do next time.
I had excessive squeaking on my IS350. I took it to Lexus and they replaced the brakes and rotors for free. I might bring my IS-F as well now, I think I'm having the same problem with the rotors. I love Lexus lol.
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