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GT-R vs IS-F? choices choices

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:confused:I am sure this dilemma has come cross the minds of at least a few IS-F owners.
Now that prices of the 2010 and 2011 GT-R have come down, almost to the level of IS-F’s (which may be an indication of the robustness of each car?) I am thinking more and more of whether it’s worthwhile to go for one. The upside obviously is the acceleration/handing, especially in terms of beating C63s and M3s which seem to be everywhere nowadays. (although I have never pushed my IS-F anywhere close to the posted 0-60 time so I am the first to admit, it’s the feel good factor - knowing you can do the 3s 0-60) that GT-R is 4WD so helps in winter driving. Downside is the infamous tranny issue, the fact that anyone can launch your car and ruin the tranny, maintenance cost ($7K brake jobs, $1K tranny fluid change etc) and long term reliability (looking at problems with the 370Z and other Nissan products doesn’t exactly inspire confidence). The IS-F is truly a reliable sports sedan with few equals. I know I will probably regret it if I buy a GT-R but it is just so tempting... a car that can match the Lambo Aventator’s acceleration! what are your thoughts?
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I feel your pain on this one, but the downsides to the GT-R make it at best a weekend driver. It came down to the Lotus Evora and the IS-F in the end for me with the GT-R off the table before I even sat in it. The Lexus has no equal in quality and the Lotus is just something I'd be happy with even if it had problems. The GT-R only had a good spec sheet and skin deep appeal.

Put another way, a nitrous IS F could be just as fast and still infinitely more reliable with all the beauty of a Lexus interior/ Mark Levinson system when you are commuting.

Also, with the GT-R problems, it sounded like I couldn't drive the car hard and have any issues fixed under warranty.
Another thought is where are you going to get to drive a GT-R hard? Anyplace but the track is going to endanger your wallet or others unless it's a deserted street/highway. You could make the same case for the F, but the GT-R is a whole other level.
What are your needs? I have my F because I need 4 doors for family and work and still want the performance. I can tell you that if I didn't need the other two doors then the GT-R would be in the garage period. I love everything about the IS-F, but there is something to be said about launch control and the 0-60 3 sec times. I know I know its basically a penile extension.....but ok I want one!!!!!
Now to reality, the IS-f is bulletproof and fun, makes all the right noises and you can take your exec's to lunch in it. The GT-R is NOT bullet proof, does make all the right noises and you can't take your exec's to lunch in it. The GT-R is awesome but its a weekend as well as a track car. There is no daily useability with it. Good luck on your decision either way. I still want one :)
For me the biggest problem with the GT-R is that I feel it’s a car that you cannot keep for the long run, 2 years is probably the limit before serious problems happen and buying one that’s out of warranty is a bad decision. I have been reading various forums and I think twin clutch trannies are not yet perfected yet. A number of EVO X MR owners report having to replace the tranny 2 or 3 times already (about 20 miles intervals). VW/Audi DSG and M3 DCT have seen their share of problems. And the most disturbing bit is that some of these owners baby their cars and they did not drive the cars hard. So just by not launching the car doesn’t mean you can avoid trouble. (Lexus decided against putting a dual clutch unit in the IS-F and LFA for this reason) I honestly think most GT-R R35 you see today will be in the scrapyard in 6 years. By that time the cost of repairing the car will be more than the depreciated value!
Now that prices of the 2010 and 2011 GT-R have come down, almost to the level of IS-F’s
The average 2011 ISF price at the dealerships right now is low 50's to high 50's (I'm in the market), I doubt you can get a 2011 GT-R for 55K.
Man...if you can afford the GTR then do it already!!! The car is a beast, just make sure you buy the extended warranty. That's one of the few cars I see on the street and I'm like "oooOOo nice!".


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No question...if you can afford a GTR get it. 90% of ISF owners are just waiting out used GTR prices to drop before switching. It's still a 40k+ price difference which is huge.

If you go used, just don't get an early model year. It took a few years to fortify the launch control to not grenade the tranny at a 5-digit non-warranty expense.

Reliability...Lexus/Toyota all day. But Nissan is no slouch either. The GTR issues I've read/heard/talked to owners about is almost always the tranny But as they've added power each year, they've strengthened the launch control which is the #1 cause of abuse. Now they have cooling off periods so and other tricks to protect itself.

For the price I honestly don't think the GTR can be beat.
90% of ISF owners are just waiting out used GTR prices to drop before switching.
90%??:eek: Well, we all enjoy a bit of hyperbole now and then, eh?
My last trip to Vegas, I did the exotic driving experience. I ran the Ferrari Italia 458, Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera LP570 and the GT-R. If you would have told me, I could take any car I wanted home with me; I would have taken the GT-R, period.

I don't know of said problems with the GT-R besides the tranny, which is due to excessive launches which was rectified in 2010. The only other problems I know of involving the GT-R are from people modding them. I mean for goodness sake the GT-R's motors are only made by 8 people in the world and every engine is built by 1 guy from start to finish in a hermetically sealed room. Unfortunately, I don't think Lexus can make that claim about the F.

If you only drive fast occasionally, save your money and stick with the F. If you drive fast a lot and attend track events, get the GT-R. It's just that simple lol.
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