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GS-F is on its way

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It's time for a look in the crystal ball again. But this time, it's only a matter of logical thinking, as we know Lexus has plans to stretch the F-line over the model-line.

When I spoke to some Lexus-guys in Spain - including Yaguchi-san - they all confirmed they are working on a new F-model. Naturally, they did not want to tell which one that is, but I knew to persuade them in telling me it is an existing model. That wasn't much of a surprise either but with this information, it is just a matter of logics again to find out which one it can be.

RX-F would be fun, but is very unlikely.
LS-F would be crazy as it is probably way too luxurious ever to be truly sporty.
SC-F could well be possible, but the model is too much of a niche yet and both 7 years old by now.

Rests us with the GS-F. An obvious choice perhaps, as there is some competition (M5, E 63 AMG) in this field as well.
The engine-availability could be an obvious choice too, as Lexus have their V10 (LF-A, remember) available. It does fit the IS engine-bay yet, so the GS wouldn't be too difficult either.

Now there is the question when the car could be unveiled. The IS-F has taken about three years from idea to introduction, but as this was the first F-model it will have taken longer than usual.
I guess they are working half a year on the new car now. So my guess would be it will be there in a year or a year and half. Mid 2009 should be fine.

However, what we seem to forget here, is that a new GS is planned soon. It is expected that a new F-model will have to wait for the new series, so it might take little longer. According to several sources the new GS is planned for 2010, so it's likely that it will be introduced with the GS-F right from the beginning.

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