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GS-F in 2013 with V-10

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GS-F will have the V-10? maybe the future IS-F will too?
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interesting... I wonder what they will throw in the ISF in 2013...
450hp is not gonna be enough,, seriously,, the Isf with 416hp is not enough,, what makes you think a gs with 34hp more gonna do it? put the tundra 5.7l engine in it and supercharge that bad boy
how many times has lexus said that the lfa engine will be bespoke to the lfa. and how many "reports" are there saying otherwise
i dont think they would do that because it would cheapen there 300000 dollar super car
they protect the brand so much
that would just be a silly move
art of the reason why lexus holds its value better then most is because they dont do silly things

i would bet a lot of money that they wont use it in the gsf
if a gsf even comes
Maybe a variant is possible but I dont think they would use the same engine.
Unless the V10 was totally different in nature, it wouldn't make sense. The LFA V10 makes a lot of horsepower, but less torque than the ISF. That would be no good in a sedan bigger than the ISF.
It would be PERFECT in my S2000 though.
they need to compete with the M5. The M5 is the best sport saloon out right now and for them to compete with that car, they are going to have to bring some serious power as well as features and handling.

i want an M5, unless this GS-F can prove something
^^ Yes, and considering the new M5 is downsizing from a 5.0 L V10 to a 4.4L twin-turbocharged V8, I wouldn't be surprised if the GSF follows the same suite.
I don't know if lexus should be taking on that challenge. M5 has been almost unbeatable, the cts-v is one of its competitor, but I still think that the M5 is a much better car. As for SC, i was never a fan of that car, although the SL has been on top as well.

Lexus has a huge challenge ahead of them...
Stick twin turbos on the 4.6 and it should get the M5 running scared.
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