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In the price per hp ratio....

We give you a TRUE approx. 20-22 Rwhp gain for only $1599...

Build Quality is bar none and honestly 29lbs weight savings on a car like ours will not make a huge difference for most daily drivers.

Our Full 304 SS System only weighs 64 lbs. compared to oem of 70 lbs.

I can tell you our exhaust also makes 39 Rwhp when spun on the dyno after being cooled for 10 minutes, but what would be the point of that?? ;)

Best Regards,

Joe Z
Well said...this pulls me closer to getting a Joe z exhaust...I just still need to find someone locally in letting me listen to it..

Joe z has gotten nothing but spectacular reviews! Both exhaust and customer service. Haven't had experience with his exhaust but intake pipe was a nice touch.

Greddy makes top quality products as well. I was happy with thief Greddy DD exhaust for my ae86 so I know what I'll be getting. Just waiting for this to be out to make my final decision.
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