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Greddy Exhaust

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Here is my email and response from Greddy regarding their exhaust system for the IS-F from SEMA.....

My email to [email protected]:


I have been researching performance mods for the IS-F for some time and noticed that there is not too many products out for the IS-F yet. I was really interested in seeing if Greddy was going to come out with an exhaust system for the IS-F? I know you guys did a system on an IS-F for the SEMA show, any chance that will come out for production? Please let me know as I am anxiously waiting.

Response from Greddy:

Thank you for your interest in Greddy Products. At this time there are no plans in mass producing this exhaust system. However, you are not the only one who has expressed interest. If you can generate 20+ serious buyers, then we may be able to do a Group buy. The price is not set, however it may be in the amount of $2000 U.S. If you are interested and can locate 20+ serious buyers via forums/ car clubs, please call 949-588-8300 for more details. Also, you are not the only one whom I've given this information to, try going through some popular IS-F forums. There might be a group already being formed.

So what say we try to get a group of 20 guys here to have them produce the exhaust? hehe.... :D
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So how many buyers so far are in for the Greddy's Exhaust? would the tips be the same or would they have to be removed??
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