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Great News for future MODS

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Ladies and gentleman I have very good news for us F owners. I was talking to James Evans the owner of JE import perfermance and he is going to start making some aftermarket parts for out cars. He makes custom parts for Hondas, Nissans, and LS1s (that get dropped into 240's mainly). He has one of the best shops on the east coast for import performance. I'm letting him use my car to make a set of headers custom made for our cars. He hopes to make a street and a race application. His headers for the LS1's make 30 whp so hopefully we can see the same numbers. I'm going to keep you guys updated on how this goes and I will provide dyno sheets as well. Let me know if any of you are interested because he wants to make them for production. hopefully there will be more parts to come. let me know of any ideas to relay to him as well.
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Pics and final dyno #'s will be posted up here by the end of next week, hopefully sooner. We are in the middle of a production run on these headers right now. The initial run will be 25 sets and we will be taking back orders at the same time we release the final hp #'s and images. STAY TUNED!!!!!
Great! Since you guys are fairly local to me, do you also do installs?

BTW...Welcome to the forum!
We are a manufacturer only, so we don't do installs. The shop that did a lot of the testing of prototypes and dyno testing does do installs though. Look em up...... JE Import Performance. Judging by the amount of times they installed and removed the various prototypes they could probably do the install blind folded! :D
teaser pics up on our site

we posted some teaser pics up on our site in the Lexus header section. Can't post a link yet apparently or attach pics here till after 10 posts so feel free to grab off the site for us and post in this thread. thanks

go check em out at
Dyno video with dyno sheet up now

check our Sikky section out for the vid
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