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Great News for future MODS

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Ladies and gentleman I have very good news for us F owners. I was talking to James Evans the owner of JE import perfermance and he is going to start making some aftermarket parts for out cars. He makes custom parts for Hondas, Nissans, and LS1s (that get dropped into 240's mainly). He has one of the best shops on the east coast for import performance. I'm letting him use my car to make a set of headers custom made for our cars. He hopes to make a street and a race application. His headers for the LS1's make 30 whp so hopefully we can see the same numbers. I'm going to keep you guys updated on how this goes and I will provide dyno sheets as well. Let me know if any of you are interested because he wants to make them for production. hopefully there will be more parts to come. let me know of any ideas to relay to him as well.
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can we get some prototype header shots? also anything about pricing?
Sentiment is seconded here. Would love to have a nice set of aftermarket headers that utilize cats (factory or hi flow) to go with the exhaust and intake and hopefully drop the car into the 11s on DRs. It would be great if they were CARB cert'd too.
No offense but i doubt this company is going to Carb certify a header just for cali is-f's. Think about it numbers wise. roughly 50grand to get the cert.
hmm it's been a week since he's posted. Last post and update was August 23, 2009. I'm assuming the ISF pulled a CEL? Cuz there's no way this high tech of a car won't pull a CEL without primary cats. Most modern cars today their CEL comes up after removing all the cats unless your using high flowing ones.
think positive their, negative Nelly.
They need to have the headers on there for a good bit of make sure everything works properly. Also to get a good accurate dyno after the ECU has adapted to the new flow..
thats why they said they were going to drive it for at least 500 miles. It only takes the ECU 200 miles to adapt to the changes.
Ill give my .2cents on why its taking so many design changes.

They cant replicate the turbulence for the O2 sensor and are having issues. Other than that its not hard at all to do your measurements throw it into a cad drawer and make your prototypes and test.
are those your numbers before the headers that your saying is your average? (just want to make sure im reading this right).
so will you at least throw some pics up on here and maybe a sound clip.
I agree. Most of the ISF community would agree that communication is a great benefit when it comes to aftermarket products. Just the fact that no information has been given leaves me .....
lets see how long did it take elite to post up pics in there thread? a week tops? also they show progress and keep everyone updated. So how can he not go to the shop and get some pics. its not like they are top secret.
pics and all that jazz asap!!!
Awesome!! Not to be to picky but if you get a chance could we hear it with the camera near the headers in the engine bay.
I can try but I don't have a lift so it might be tricky. The camera is actually a 35 mm digitial camera I use to take pictures of my corals and fish that I sell but I'll try to do what I can. Maryland is about to get hit with a huge snow storm but afterwards I'm going to try to get a video of me doing a drive by so everyone can get an idea of how it sounds outside of the car when you pass by people.
i dont me with a lift lol.. just like up front by the headers instead of in the back by the exhaust.
is there a price or an estimate on these headers?
Any word on when Sikky will be listing these for sale and the gains? thanks for the latest.
If you read the thread you would know that nothing is going to come out till the final product is finished, and his last posts states another 3-4 weeks.
Careful andy we might get this thread locked too, lol. Im excited to see what happens.

Also the sicky headers im looking fwd to seeing what they come out with as a final product and numbers. Should be a quality set if there anything like there other parts.
416 rwhp how ironic.....
still waiting on that dyno sheet also.......
why not just post the dyno for us.
I know it is, but its very small and there is a huge dip in there so something is up. I want to look at all the info and see why. hard to do from a video clip.
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