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Great Canadian HID repalcement bulb source

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A couple of weeks ago I had one of my low beam HID's die on my 2008 IS F. Called the dealer and choked when quoted $280 each for replacement bulbs. Then quoted $450.00 for PIAA replacements, found Phillips (OEM) replacements in Germany for $250 per pair but when I add shipping and duty/tax added it would probably approach the dealer price.

Finally I found Not only was I happy to find a canadian vendor to support but their price was $100 per pair including expedited postal delivery.

I ordered a pair of 35W, 6000K, D4S. Took about 7 to 10 days delivery. I installed them last night, they work great and a fantastic price. Can't testify as to life expectation or long term performance but at this price I can buy 5 pairs for the price of one from the dealer.

I highly recommend for repalcement bulbs. They also offer 3000k, 4300k bulbs.
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Thanks I will have a look as a Canadian choice...I used an American company called Mod Express and upgraded to 6K using Garax...mainly because they have a fairly good name as a bulb, and offered many temperature choices...similar (actually less) price, but I ship to an Amerifriend and pick up during visits.

I also have some hook ups locally at regular Lexus club car meets in Toronto, which provide free replacement warranty for aftermarket HID conversion kits (Fogs).

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