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Mondo, great car to say the least, a beast and a half too. One word of caution though especially if you have Pirellis on them. My friend had a brand new silver one and we went on a fun run, on the high way I was behind him and the car started to twitch then smoke came out and before we knew it the left rear tire split into two, just like what you see in F1. It was nuts! Thank God we were only doing about 140kph then. Imagine if it happened while we were gunning the cars.

The CLK had less than 800 milles on the odo. Last he recalled was he must have driven over a piece of rock about the size of a fist. We had to put the car on a flat bed and aksed his Alpina B10 brought to him to continue with the run.

But even with what i saw, if I could, I'd still get one. What a beaut!
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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