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Got It Today!

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Just picked it up a little while ago, traded in 2002 IS300 and leased 2006 IS250 my wifes sister gave us her 2004 Land rover discovery so now I own this bad boy and my wife drives the LR. woo hoo!

Please visit here for pics:
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I've seen other threads of yours, Congratulations. I've had mine for nine whole days now. Awesome car isn't it:D

It truly is, esp. coming from the IS250. My wife asked my today I don't really see a difference in my old car and this one, then I got on it just a little (still new) we hit 100 and I shut it down, then she said "whoa". I love this car.
Awesome! Congrats on the purchase, glad everything worked out! Enjoy it :cool:
Congrats! Starfire FTW! :)
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