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Good to be here!

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I just joined the forum with about a week-and-a-half ,and 900 miles, on my new IS-F. I can't agree with you guys more about the biased reviews I have read about the BMW/IS-F comparisons. The IS-F kills the beemer in performance, interior comfort, and a comparably equiped beemer would cost $80 grand!
I've been a car nut all my life, 53 years,which has included a '72 XKE ( 22,000 original miles!), a '74 XKE (68,000 original miles), a '68 Austin Healey( AACA 1st place Junior award), a '95 Trans-Am WS6 (from new), an '04 Mazdaspeed Miata ( from new), an '06 Nissan 350Z, Grand Touring, (from new) and several others. Currently I have an '06 ,triple black, convertible, stick, Corvette, and an '07 BMW K1200GT motorcycle, and a '74 Triumph TR6 (AACA Grand National 1st place winner). I personally did a full ground-up restoration on the Austin Healey and the TR6.
When you get to know me, you will find I am not bragging about what I have been so fortunate to own , but rather, I have given you some of my background humbly so you can see I am familiar with performance (and I don't let brand names sway my opinion!). The beemers interior is stoic and bland and there's really nothing terribly exciting about their exterior either. I can't think of a better daily driver than my IS-F, Lexus really created a car that breeds excitement and enthusiasum! I look forward to being part of the IS-F 'brotherhood'. Thanks!
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Welcome, Bill! Loved your first post.
Welcome to the site and congrats on the purchase. Have you had a chance to take any pics?
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