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good moive

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i just have watched the three idiots and Ghajini. they are both very good .
Aamir Khan is great actor and artist.
what do u watch recently and what is ur favourite moive ?
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Favorite movie: fight club, and gung ho.

recently watched: Ip Man
Most favorite movies are Harry Potter (all series),Matrix and Narnia...
hey i have the same as my favorite list of movies Harrypotter, Narnia, lord of rings, fast and the furious!!
i have also seen 3 idiots!:) good movie!!
My favorite movie is TITANIC... It is the one of the ever green, good movie....
Too many favorites to list, but the last great film I saw was Cleopatra (the old Elizabeth Taylor epic from 1963). It's about 4 hours long, so definitely a grind to get through, but splendidly well-acted and well-written. The sets are amazing too; today it would all be phony-looking CGI, so you have to appreciate the effort they put into costumes and sets back then.
Well I have recently watched Spiderman. However, I have seen 3 idiots and Ghajni earlier. All these movies are simply awesome.
is everyone just posting to boost their stats?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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