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Good Day, eh?!

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New to this forum, but not new to forums, or "enthusiastic" vehicles, or Lexus. In fact, I work for one of Canada's newest Lexus stores, having arrived after 30+ years with a now-former GM store. It would seem as though we all put our pants/slacks on one leg at a time, regardless of "loyalties"...

* 20-year association with the One Lap of America, as both Competitor and/or Team Manager

* Freelance Auto Writer/Photojournalist, specializing in Features, Tech Series, and Projects

* Participant and fan of virtually all forms of Motorsports, from pavement to dirt/rock to mud to water...

* Advertising and Sales Promotion for racing and charitable fundraising

Thanks for stopping by...
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Welcome to the forum. I'm loving the username, Quite clever.
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