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GOING, GOING, GONE: New Lexus with a e110K price tag is selling out two months before

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IT'S the €110k executive toy that has sold out two months before it has even been launched. The stunning Lexus IS F is the first ever performance super car from the prestigious Japanese motor manufacturer. Only 15 of them will be released to the Irish market in April, making it the most sought after car of the year.

The super saloon complete with 19-inch alloys, 5 litre V8 engine, and 417bhp – almost as much as an F1 car – has been introduced by Lexus to beat the BMW and Audi equivalents. The car has a top speed of 168mph and will retail at €107k, although that will rise to around €120k once all the cool extras are thrown in. Motoring sources have revealed that 13 of the cars have already been secured with deposits, while the final two were expected to be snapped up over the weekend. “Phones have been hopping in the past week with inquires and firm orders being placed,” said a well-placed insider. “By Thursday, 13 of the cars were taken, and that will surely be up to the maximum 15 in days.”

Lexus, who this week relaunched its GS brand in Dublin, has quickly established itself as the most technologically innovative brand on the planet. The firm's hybrid models are the most renowned around the world. The IS F will rival the super fast Audi RS4, which weighs it at a cost of €117k, and the BMW M3 which costs a basic €103k.
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