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GM and Chrysler Chances increase!

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On this article it states that GM and Chrysler's chances of bankruptcy increase by up to 75%..Not Good! Does that mean I can buy a ZR1 for half the price? :D

But all seriousness how is that gonna affect people who are current GM owners and future owners as well?:(
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It means you have a firm grip on the car !!! Forget about trading it if you even owe a dollar on it....

This crisis and the market roller coasting up and down has had a negative effect on the value of all cars... I can't believe how cheap pre-owned cars are now...
Another thing was that they're proposing a bailout plan to the gov. for $25 dollars. Oh yeah the bailout money will be from the TAXPAYERS!!!! WTF.. The proposal came from CEOs of GM, Chrysler and Ford. The irony of this was that they arrived in DC with their PRIVATE JET. So why is our fault that these big companies make poor business decision and that we have to help them out. I mean yes it would be a big job-loss for our economy but why do they drag us in for it.
A few articles here:
D.L. Hughley talks with Rep. Barney Frank about the possibility of a bailout for the auto industry.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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