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getting rid of the takeover.

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:( IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED IN TAKING OVER MY LEASE ON A ULTRSONIC BLUE/BLACK ISF. CAR HAS 5000 miles 2008 . marc L., park assist . car is 1000.00 a month with 30 months left. if anyone is interested i am giving a 3000.00 dollar cash incentive to take car. cash in hand. if interested call me 862-368-9477 or email me [email protected]. car is garaged kept immaculate has wheel and tire insurance included in payment.
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Aren't you the guy who got your car broken into? And why do you want to get rid of it, if I may ask?:confused:
Maybe he feels heart broken by it..I would to if someone smashed it..
Good luck with your next purchase! :D sucks your getting rid of the F!! :cool:
Where is the car located? Can you post some pics?
damn, it does sux u getting rid of the f.... hopefully, your next purchase is something you will be more happy with
Not exactly the words I would use to market a used vehicle...."Getting Rid of..." Makes it sound like a real POS
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