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Getting my F tomorrow...

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Was having dinner with some friends and the talk turned to cars...a friend of my brother was with us and he owns the local Caddy dealership...he mentioned he had taken an IS F in on trade...anyway I am getting it tomorrow...2008, silver, 3700 miles...very excited!

Been reading about mods but not sure what I will do...frankly had been looking at Porsche when this came along...I love reliability and we have a GX 470 and I traded an RX 330 foor the F....been driving my Tundra for a while so am looking forward to driving a sports car!

I could use some advice...does (oops) Joe Z have a website...seems like his exhaust is the best but I can't really find a website....also am tempted to pull the F badges off the car just to be more stealthy (as if that is really possible)...have folks been doing that?

Finally, What are the "must do mods?"
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ull love it
its my favourite toy ever
Welcome, you will love it.

I used to have a 2004 911 (996) and I gotta say, I never felt that great about the reliability of the car.

WRT the badges, they will leave small holes.

As for the must do mods...most people here start with the exhaust, and some do change out the intake.

My recommendation, drive the car stock for a bit, then mod it to your liking. :)
put some springs on it if you are on a low budget or coilovers if you got the chedda, lol
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