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Get 2008 now? or wait for 2009?

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After looking at the M3, C63 AMG, RS4 and the IS-F, I like the IS-F the best. The only problem I have with the ones on the lot here in Fresno is that it came already equipped with XM Radio so I can't get the iPod Interface Kit, but I'm getting really anxious to have one.

Do you guys think it's worth the wait for the '09s to come out? I'm looking for friendly opinions to help me with my decision. :D

Thanks in advance!
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Bakatora, let me know what what color you want. I'll help you out !!
When you turn around to sell it later, a low mile 2008 might be better than an average mile 2009. Have the XM disconnected and then add the ipod interface, they use the same jack, so why not?

Just my 2 cents.
Have the XM disconnected and then add the ipod interface, they use the same jack, so why not?
Someone told me that the XM was fairly permanent and that it wasn't something I could disconnect by myself. Was I misinformed?

The color I want is the smoky granite mica with black interior. At this point the only thing holding me back is Fresno Lexus doesn't negotiate much which is kind of pushing me towards the M3. I'm gonna be looking around for a california dealer with no XM and with some room to bargain.

Thanks guys, if I find a dealer I want to work with I'll be getting an '08 asap. Can't wait!

Remember the IS-F is already a "Bargain" for what you get compared to others !! If you decide you would like me to ship a car to you just let me know. I can overnight all paperwork and have the car there within a week !!
The XM can be uninstalled, and the ipod interface installed in its place.

I have a Smokey Granite with Black interior available right now. I can ship to Fresno, or you can take short flight to Tucson and I will pick you up at the airport. Ask rushnut about the experience or click on the forum link:

You can reach me at [email protected] if interested.
I was talking to a dealership and they said the 2009's won't come out till next year, I highly doubt that and believe she is just trying to push an 08 out. Any truth to what she's saying?
Considering the 2008 models have not been out that long, I've been told the same. They are suppose to start production late August at the earliest !!!
ISF Champ do you have a graphite car available. I have an obsidian but I am very concerned about keeping a black car where I live (el paso)
Black is very sexy, but the lack of a clear coat makes it fragile in dusty conditions (like here in Tucson). You state that you have an Obsidian right now, are you experiencing any problems maintaining the paint, or are you liking the Smokey Granite more?

I am sure that ISChamp will be able to help, and he seems like a class act.:cool:
Yes it is pretty difficult. Not trusting any of the car washes in the area and the fact that we have hard water, not to mention all the sand and dust lend itself to a handfull to keep up. I love obsidian on this car but miss my amethyst graphite I had on my infiniti G37.
I understand. The Smokey is not as difficult to keep up, and does look sharp especially with the BBS wheels! Let me know if I can help, I do have one.
JT5585, I do have a Smokey Graphite vehicle that's available. It's a MSRP of $61,674. Navigation/Mark Lev, Headlamp Washers, Parking Assist and All Weather Mats.
Let me see if I can find a buyer in my home town area, I am back at work over seas so communication is tough. just keep me posted if your graphite moves. Thank You
Sorry I didn't reply earlier, thanks so much for the offers of help guys. These forums helped me a lot in making my purchase. :]
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