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Gas Mileage

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The other day after driving 150 miles on the highway I ended up with 31.6 miles to the gallon - not bad for a V-8 (my average is 22.6). Here's what happened to achieve this mileage. I was driving on highway 191 in AZ out in the middle of nowhere, and low and behold I got a 1/2" spike in my tire. So I had to stop and replace the tire with the donut in the truck. In the manual it says to only run at 55 miles per hour for a maximum of 50 miles (or something like that). Well I had to go on I-10 in AZ to get home, and the speed limit's 75 miles per hour. I didn't want to look uncool in the "F" so I found a semi to follow at 60-65 miles and hour and stayed on his bumper the rest of the way home. I saw this on Myth Busters, and tail gating a truck does work.
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Great gase mileage!!! BUT...if you are that close to draft didn't you worry about rock chips?
I stayed back about 75 feet +or- (a comfortable space) . The road was clean and the truck was clean. I have a clear bra on the front. On Myth Busters they where as close as 5 feet at 60 miles per hour.
Great mileage ,my best so far is 28.2 mpg , but I did not tailgate a semi! My luck a tire would blow and tear my front end off !
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