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Gas mileage?

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What are people getting for gas mileage in the IS F??
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Taking it easy on the freeway I can get around 27. Around town where I have a lead foot if I'm lucky 15. Sometimes worse than that.
I've been averaging about 19 mpg in mostly city rush hour type driving. Not gridlock the whole way, but stop and go for about 25% of it. My previous Acura TL got about 21 mpg on the same commute. Not bad, IMHO for 400+ HP :)

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS-F
If I can get 19 i'd be happy. :)
I run in a range of from 19 to 22. I think that's excellent for a car like this. Remember when we bought, there was no gas guzzler tax either. A good deal all around.

My car has the 4.08 rear end swap, the avg over 5400 miles is 15.7mpg, just cruising around i get about 20.
I'm with most everyone else on this one, about 19-22 when I take it easy.
I've been averaging roughly 20-22. But if it's long distance, 24mpg easily.
i get 25mpg cruising on freeways.
Did you notice a spike after a certain amount of miles?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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