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gap on dash

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Hi everyone,
i have a problem with my sound system and vents. they are shifting to the left side and every time i see it the has shifted more. And there is a gap between dash and stereo, i think it is because of soft material of the dash.
Do you guys have same problems, if so please tell me what i can do about it. the is no major difference, but still there is gap.
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I dont have that problem... but sounds like you should take it back to the dealer right away and have them take a look.
I don't think I have the problem either. I will check again once I get back in it this morning but I don't think I've noticed anything like that. Do you have any pictures? You could take it into the dealership and see what they say. I've never heard of the whole dash shifting in any car before

Welcome to the site and congrats on the F by the way! :)
me neither no problem with the dash, probably justnot clipped on right, take it to the dealer they should be able to fix it, problem shouldn't be big.
I hope it is something simple for you. I don't have that problem with mine. How big is the gap?
happens to me

i guess i should mention it next time i go to the dealer, i have a gap on mine too. hmm
I looked and didn't notice anything. I would def. take it into the dealer and have them look at it, make sure the cars not coming apart
I see what you're talking about. It's probably something I wouldn't have noticed if it weren't for this thread. It's not something I will worry about, but I'll probably point it out to my dealer when I bring it for the 1K mil check and adjustment.

Mine has a little bit of a gap too. It isn't bothersome enough to me to get checked out. Next time I'm in for service, I'll look at whatever IS they have in the showroom and see if it has the same gap.

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS-F
That gap at the top of the vents are common with all 2nd generation IS models since 2006. It's more of a dash mold issue more than anything. The issue is less apparent with 2009 model 2IS.
can someone post a pic of the gap? curious to see how bad it looks...
OK, here's a pict. The gap on the right side, circled in red, is wider than the left. The top also. Like I said, no biggie for me.



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thanks for posting the pic... i think if that was on my car, it would drive me crazy... but that's just me.. haha. i would think that if you take the car to the dealer, they would be able to do something about it pretty easily.
Oh dam*, I definitely don't have anything like the pic shows! I would take that to dealership and have it fixed up!
My gap is much smaller than that too, and is along the top.

Hopefully your dealer will be able to fix it no problem.

Good luck,

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS-F
I have the same issue, it is also above the center vents...
Here are a few pics of my 09 and a few 08 pre production IS F's i've driven in the past. Notice the gap in the 09 is a lot tighter...

Here is my 09:

09 w/Terra Cotta Interior - Pre Production:

Here is an 08:

Here's another 08 but a pre production IS F w/Mark Levinson but NO nav:
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Interesting to see the difference between the 08's and 09's. In the 09's it's almost like they built the center consoles edges longer to cover the gap. I'll check out mine next time I'm outside to make sure it's not gapping
I have the gap between the dash and the vents, and it is pissing me off ! Is it right on my face, I need the dealer to do something about it !
Anyone had success getting it fixed ?
^^^Nope. Dealer told me he could try, but would have to rip the dash apart with no guarantee of success. They also told me they would contact the factory for ideas. That reminds me I should call them ask why I never heard from them. It's been over a month. Wanna bet they never called.

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