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FYI if you live in the Chicagoland Area !!!

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As of Tuesday 12:01 am, our Sales Tax in Chicago goes up another 1% to 10.25 % !!! If you were on the fence of when to buy your new vehicle, do it now !!!

As an example, if you buy an IS-F today, with no trade in, at 9.25% tax rate, you will send $5,710 in taxes !!! Add that extra 1% in andit shoot's up to $6,329 !! That's a $619 diffrence !!

Now the tax rate goes up 1% thru out the entire state, however Chicago is will now be the highest in the Country !! And now way around it. If your Driver's License states you live in Chicago, your paying that rate. Even if you own two homes and the other one is in the "burbs". Whatever your DL says....
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