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FS: OEM Lexus 18" SC430 rims 5 spoke Rims with TPMS

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NY metro pickup preferred. I would like to do this transaction in person as the shipping would be a killer...

OEM Lexus 18" SC430 rims 5 spoke and Bridegstone run flats with TPMS.
My mother got rid of her second Sc430 and has moved onto a BMW. We are left with a set of four OEM 5 spoke sc430 rims with runflat tires and TPMS sensors installed. Two of the tires are good with I'd say 40-50% tread left, one has some uneven tread wear on the inside of the tire, and one is blown out. The one with the blown tire has curb rash, but no bends or cracks, that was the bad luck wheel I guess. So basically this for:

4 OEM wheels with TPMS
2 good run flat Bridgestones, one unevenly worn one, and one is blown.

You will obviously need to get at least one new, but probably two tire to make it a usable set.

I would like to do local pickup only due to the weight and size of everything. Wheels are in westchester NY, but I can meet up in the local NY metro area if need be.

$700 obo.

PM me for pictures, I can't post them.

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