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FS: K&N Typhoon air intake system(Canada)

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For sale K&N Typhoon air intake system for the IS-F. Used about 15000km (1 year). Air filter has been cleaned and re-oiled. Comes with all hardware and instructions. The intake system is all assembled together for a easier installation. Purchased new for 400.00 CAD.

Asking $180.00 CAD SHIPPED within Canada.

Local sales are welcome. Location Victoria BC.

PM me if interested.


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i have my typhoon kit from my 08 and k&n tells me i can't install on my 10 don't know why same motor, anyone know why ?
It should fit just fine. Try it.

don't mean to question but are you sure ? i would love for it to work but why does K&N say otherwise anyone else with an opinion ?
^^^^I have the same answer. It should fit just fine.

PM's replied and guys please take your questions and answers in a different thread as this is the classified thread...

BUMP price including shipping within canada
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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