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FS: Joe Z Intake Pipe (Blue)

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Hi Guys,

I know I've only had it for about two weeks but I will have my Joe Z Intake Pipe available for sale in a couple weeks...I decided to order the Takeda CAI system afterall. $110 because I don't know what I did with the sticker but I do have the receipt, includes paypal fees and shipping in America. If shipped outside of America I need to get a quote for you :)

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I'll probably take it! Send me some pics first though please.
Right on and you're in the state so USPS priorty mail should get to you pretty quickly. Here is a picture.

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Right on, I'll send you a private message once I put in the Takeda :) I just ordered it yesterday from aFepower in CA so hopefully I'll get it pretty soon.
I haven't forgotten about you, I got the Takeda and tried to install it but they forgot to weld on attachments for the stock airbox clips to clip on to...I'll see how their customer service is on Monday. Of course I didn't notice there was anything wrong until I got to the step where I attach the new housing to the old! Oy!
No prob dude. That sucks. Seems like Takeda has to make their QA better!
I've heard only good things about Takeda so I'm guessing this is a rare slip on their part :) Hopefully will get the replacement part this week.
Sold! The intake arrived at my door Monday. Thanks Jon! It'll be going on this Friday.
Right on, your engine will appreciate being able to breathe a little better ;-)
Item sold. Thread Closed.

Congrats on Sale! AND Purchase!!
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