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FS: HAWK HPS ISF Brake Pads New and Sealed 175 shipped!

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I was going to use these for my new set of wheels so I get less dust, but I ended up not getting the wheels.

$175 shipped
(going to ship through UPS - Lexus of Westminster)

Thanks for your interest!
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Thats awesome... so they just replaced them? What did you say to them or what did they say to you?
front or rear pads? how much shipped to 21104? paypal?
i have the pads as well pm if interested...sorry to steal your thread
I am interested in purchasing the brakes for my car
i'm wondering if these are a whole set myself... front and rear??? for 175, i bet it's just the fronts tho...
I can definitely confirm that these are front pads only. Hawk does not make a rear set yet.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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