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Where are you from? Here in Cali, it is illegal to have tints on your front windows, but that law is hardly enforced, so most of us have tints. The cops at your neighborhood (safe as it sounds) must have nothing else to do...or they just love to pick on you.
Very true... I run 15% tints all the way around except the windshield on my Obsidian IS-F and I haven't had any problems here in California. *crosses fingers* No but seriously... all the nice cars around here have tints on the front and they are pretty dark too and I haven't heard of anyone getting pulled over for the tints themselves. I got a speeding ticket a few months back, but the cop never said anything about the tints... He actually complimented the car. He was like, "Thats a very fast need to show it on the streets.":D
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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